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Cider Tasting & Selfie Booth

October 21, 2023 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

@balcomcanyoncider is doing a pop-up with @selfiebooth805 Saturday starting at noon. Visit Validation Ale to try out what they have to offer (descriptions below) and enjoy a free selfie with friends… or strangers if you drink a bunch of the Imperial Cider!

**Imperial Cascade:** 8.3% Abv:
– **Aroma:** Intense hoppy aroma with juicy and floral notes, providing a preview of the bold flavor to come.
– **Flavor:** Bursting with flavors of tropical and citrus fruits, with a bold bitterness and a touch of sweetness to balance.
– **Mouthfeel:** Medium to full body, smooth and slightly creamy, with a lively carbonation that adds to the overall mouthfeel.
– **Overall:** Imperial Cascade is a robust and hop-forward cider, perfect for those who enjoy a beer-like experience with a twist of cider.
**Saison Cyser:** 7.1% Abv:
– **Aroma:** Delicate floral and fruity aromas with hints of honey and mead-like sweetness.
– **Flavor:** Complex, with a balance of crisp apple notes, hints of orange blossom honey, and a subtle farmhouse funk from the Belgian yeast.
– **Mouthfeel:** Light to medium body, effervescent, and refreshing with a slightly dry finish.
– **Overall:** Saison Cyser offers a unique blend of traditional Saison and Cyser characteristics, making it a delightful and slightly rustic choice.
**Coffee Kolsch:** 6.0% Abv:
– **Aroma:** Rich aroma of nutty coffee beans, mingling with the apple essence from the cider, creating a delightful fusion of scents.
– **Flavor:** A unique taste experience combining the smoothness of cold brew coffee with the crispness of a Kolsch-style cider. The nutty coffee notes take the lead, followed by a subtle yet distinct apple cider undertone.
– **Mouthfeel:** Medium-bodied with a smooth, creamy texture, giving a pleasant mouth-coating sensation, followed by a clean, refreshing finish.
– **Overall:** Coffee Kolsch offers a harmoniouss marriage of coffee and cider, providing a sophisticated and nuanced taste that appeals to both coffee and cider enthusiasts. This exclusive concoction is a limited release collaboration with the local coffee roaster, Ragamuffin, making it a truly unique and sought-after creation.