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1yr Anniversary Party!!!

July 15, 2023 11:00 am

Join us July 15th for our 1yr Anniversary Party!  Thank you to all our guests the past 12 months, it’s been a wild ride and we’re excited to share a drink with you all and celebrate.

Speaking of drinks, we will have a very special, Limited Edition beer tapped for the event.  A 10%+ version of our #1 beer “Mo’ Frosty” complete with a Limited Edition glass.

Specialty food: We have two whole pigs that will roast for 6-7 hours for an extremely tasty pulled-pork sandwich.  Other specialty bites ie: Pork Rinds made in house, are in the works too!

Merch: Limited Edition T-shirts, new hat styles, and new shirt styles will be available.

Oh ya… LIVE MUSIC too!   During the afternoon Sam Kulchin will be gracing us with his amazing acustic set and to top the night off Something This Way Magic is going to rock the house. Don’t miss this!