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Richardson Rock

Light Gold color with very light foam, Tangerine and piney aromas with juicy orange flavors, medium light body with lingering hop bitterness

Named after Richardson Rock which is about 5 miles off the coast of San Gabriel Island, this location has an interesting history. The rock is named for Nathan Richardson, a bootmaker who made his fortune selling boots to the 49ers of the gold rush. In 1851 on a voyage out of San Francisco, he was one of few survivors who made it safely to this rock after the ship on which he was traveling sank in the vicinity. The beer itself has seaworthy strength, coming in at 7.6% abv but is relatively dry and has a good amount of hop to malt balance. Aromas of pine and tangerine with juicy OJ flavors are complimented by a medium body and a lingering hop bitterness. A great beer to be stranded with!

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