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VA Poker Cards

What do you do with all those beer info poker cards you've collected?  You can put them in a nice dust protection collectors case of course... or you can trade them in for rad stuff.  See what you're playing for below:


Collect any pair and exchange for $1 off any beer


Three of a kind

15% off your next beer


Slightly harder to collect a straight awards you 33% off a flight of beer for you and a friend.


Full House

Load up a hand with a full house and get ready to sport some Validation Ale shwag - cause you're getting 33% off a merch item of your choice


Collect five cards with the same suit and we will buy your next Tall beer!


Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for new beer cards that will help build a Straight Flush, Royal Flush, or Four of a Kind. All with increasingly radical prizes!